Understanding the Parts That Make Up the Heating and Cooling System in Your Home

The parts of the HVAC system, though complex, can be broken down into eight major modules.

  • The furnace unit is large and housed in its own space within the building, such as an attic or basement. Its purpose it to push the conditioned air throughout the home.
  • The heat exchanger is part of the furnace and heats the air which is drawn through it once the furnace has been activated. Furnaces produce the heat by using gas/oil burners or electrical coils.
  • The evaporator coils are also part of the furnace, but housed in a separate enclosure mounted on the top or side. They provide chilled air, which is then distributed throughout the house. The coils are connected directly to the condensing unit.
  • The condensing unit is mounted outside the building and contains a refrigerant gas. This is compressed into liquid form and sent to the evaporator coils where it is sprayed through nozzles. This lowers the pressure, causing a sudden temperature drop which supplies cold air for the furnace blowers. The liquid reverts to its gaseous state and is returned to the condensing unit to repeat the process.
  • The refrigerant lines are tubes that transfer the liquid to the evaporating coils, and return the gas back to the condenser unit. Constructed in copper or aluminum, they are capable of withstanding extreme temperatures.
  • The thermostat controls the furnace and senses ambient room temperature. Positioned within your home, it allows you to set the required temperature, and tells the furnace whether to supply cooled or warmed air.
  • The ducts are fitted as part of the house build, and run to each room.  They carry the conditioned air throughout the home.
  • The vents are constructed from metal and fitted to the end of the ducts. Their vanes direct the air to the desired place within the room.
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    Credit/Copyright Attribution: “Warren-Goldswain/Shutterstock”

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