Understand the Air Conditioner Parts That Make Your System Operate

Your home’s cooling system is critical for summer comfort in South Texas, so it’s good to understand the different components that make it operate. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key air conditioner parts that work together to keep you cool.

  • Your thermostat is the user interface or “command center” that lets you control the cooling system to maintain the ideal comfort level in your home.
  • This coil of metal-finned copper tubing sits inside your indoor air handler compartment. As liquid refrigerant is pushed through the tubing, it converts or evaporates into gas, drawing heat and humidity from your indoor air in the process.
  • The blower fan is also situated in the air handler cabinet, right next to the evaporator. When the thermostat signals it to start up, the blower pulls warm air in through the duct system’s return registers, draws it over the evaporator coil for cooling, then pushes the newly conditioned air through the supply ducts and into the various rooms of your home.
  • Air filter. When warm air is drawn into the air handler compartment through the return registers, it’s pushed through your air filter on its way to the evaporator. The filter is in place to capture dirt and dust particles from the air to keep them from entering the cooling system and causing damage.
  • Located inside your boxlike outdoor unit, the compressor pump draws low-pressure refrigerant from the evaporator, pressurizes it, then sends it to the condenser housed in the same unit.
  • The condenser looks and works much like your evaporator coil, just in reverse. Refrigerant enters the condenser as a gas, but as it travels through its copper tubing the refrigerant converts back to a liquid and releases the heat absorbed indoors into the air outside.
  • Cooling fan. Sitting above the condenser in the outdoor unit, the fan blows air across the coil to help the heat dissipate.

To learn more about the air conditioner parts that keep your San Antonio home cool when the weather heats up, contact the comfort experts at Beyer Boys today.

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Credit/Copyright Attribution: “docstockmedia/Shutterstock”

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