Signs an A/C Replacement Is in Your Future

It’s a time that all homeowners dread: when your air conditioner starts acting up and you begin to realize you are due for an A/C replacement. No matter how you dread it, however, it doesn’t pay to ignore the following signs:

  • The air in the home doesn’t feel as cool as it should. The reasons for this can be numerous, from low Freon to leaky ductwork. Another problem may be that your unit is too small for the space you need to have conditioned. Have a professional check out your system during an annual maintenance visit, before the heat of summer arrives. Find out if you need a simple fix, or if an A/C replacement makes more sense.
  • When your unit is 10 years old or more, you should be making plans for replacing it. Over time, parts just naturally wear out. If your A/C is more than 10 years old, you are also likely running at a lower SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). Newer units have a minimum of at least a 13 SEER. A more efficient unit will save you money in the long run.
  • Is your A/C noisy? There could be several reasons for this. The system may be under strain due to faulty parts.
  • If have to repair your unit frequently, then there could be other problems that you are not aware of. Your A/C could actually just be wearing out. Everything has a life span. When the time is up, new parts or a replacement are the only answers.
  • Some rooms are too hot or too cold. This could be due to insufficient insulation, or leaky ductwork. Have a professional check.
  • Humidity problems can cause a home to feel warmer than it should. While leaky ductwork and air leaks to the outside may be the reason for excessive humidity in a home, it could also be that your A/C isn’t doing its job.

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