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General Liability Insurance
Most HVAC companies would have this as a protection from lawsuits that are filed against them by a third party. A third party would be anyone who does not work for their business. It could be the client, vendor, contractor, and others of the ilk. For instance, if the servicing professional ends up damaging a property of the client while repairing his HVAC and the client file a lawsuit against the company, then the general liability insurance will help the company to pay the cost associated with the legal battle.

License Bonds and Permit Bonds
These insurances are just like permits that all HVAC companies would need to install a client's HVAC system. The insurances are like an agreement between the HVAC Company, the government agency, and an insurance company. The government agrees to license the HVAC contractor. The contractor agrees to abide by the government laws about installing and servicing HVAC. The insurance company agrees to pay the government money to cover their legal expenses if they get sued because of the work delivered by the HVAC Company.

Property Insurance
This is also a very important insurance that is held by reputed HVAC companies. This is a good way for their clients to ascertain if they have contemporary tools to repair and service their unit. This insurance types helps the company to cover the costs if its property is damaged by

• Certain weather events / natural disasters
• Fire
• Theft
• Vandalism

Business Owner's Policies
A Business Owner's Policy (BOP) usually combines General Liability Insurance and Property Insurance into one package. It is a great way for a small HVAC company to get enrolled for two insurance policies by paying one premium.

Workers' Compensation
Repairing and installing HVACs is a stressful work. Workers would often need to lift heavy unit for installations .Injuries during installation and repair are not unusual. In such case workers can sue the company for medical claim. Without insurance, the expenses of lawsuits can make a HVAC firm bankrupt. Worker’s Compensation Insurance enables a HVAC company to cover costs associated with medical care of the injured employee, funeral cost in case of deaths, compensation to dependents of employees, wages while employees are unable to work.

When you hire a HVAC company for repair or installation of a unit, it is always wise to check if it has all these credentials handy. But it not an easy job to find one such company. However, we can help you to find a reliable service provider which has most of these credentials under his belt. Browse our list, if HVAC repair service providers to get the top names in HVAC service industry.

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